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10 Denim Trends You Need to Know for S/S ’19

The days of vintage-inspired washes and heritage workwear are numbered. The Denim Première Vision fashion team curated a gallery of denim themes they believe to be on the horizon for Spring/Summer ’19. With fibers becoming softer, silhouettes ballooning and more dynamic surfaces coming into play, the outlook for denim is bright and bold. Here are 10 fashion stories to know for the new season.


In this story, surfaces are played up with laser florals, unique pleats and hints of Tencel luster. A high level of monochromatic weaves, tonal textures and jacquards create calm and soothing visuals. The soft look of shirting fabrics is enhanced by uniform shades of sky blue. The soothing look is carried into trims with tone-on-tone designs, micro graphics and woven textures. Blush tone accessories for men and women offer an update to traditional camels.


Mills make a pointed effort to offer more sophisticated fabrics with refined weaves and irregularities. This story includes crispy and stiff plain weaves as well as coated cottons and linens—fabrics that appeal to both the outdoor market and brands with a more tailored aesthetic. Expect to see these fabrics enhanced with technical coatings, hybrid silhouettes and paper bag waists. Complementary trims span ultra-light accessories and paper labels, to pieces with rubber hand feel and outdoor-inspired pops of orange and lime green.


In the season’s most lighthearted story, mills introduce multi-color threads, oil slick foils and splashes of color to denim. Pale blue and off-white fabrications serve as the canvas for this youthful trend. Hints of pearlescent coatings frame areas of rip and repair—sometimes in color contrasting yarns.

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Exaggeration is essential to this seasonal story. Deformed materials, elongated pants, extra-long cuffs and visible seam allowance make a dramatic statement that turns conventional tailoring on its head. Long and lean silhouettes are countered by extra-wide cuts, asymmetrical silhouettes and bell hems. Over-the-top accessories including oversized leather patches, extra-long labels and novel patches with fringe-like frays rounds out the story.


Denim cleans up with soft linen blends and sturdy yet solid suppleness. In this story, look for rounded lines and shapes and mixed circles with broken lines. Fabrics are fit for wide silhouettes, enhanced by railroad stripes and cloudy finishes. Graphic details like color blocked labels and abstract hand painting make styles pop.


Diagonal takes a back seat for this S/S ’19 story based on neat, square weaves and boxy silhouettes. Jacquards are used to create fantastical patterns and 3-D effects. Pockets are deconstructed to create block-like shapes. Labels are square and embellished with square weaves, embossing, grids and prints.


Normal practices are reconsidered in this trend that looks at denim from the inside out. Jacquards are used with inversed effects, while new pale colors are achieved simply by reversing denim fabrics. Unusual wash placements add contour to garments. New patterns that resemble drawings and sketching replace distressing. Patterns also decorate the inside of clothes. Accessories are shaded with colors and cloudy gradations. Leather labels are brightened with ombre effects.


Blame it on the success of Gucci or the rebound of Versace—this trend calls for excessive embellishment and colors for both genders. Floral embroidery and laser prints decorate denim bomber jackets and jeans. Over-pigmented yarns and florescent colors turn jeans into fashion statements. An emphasis on closures—from mirror metal hardware to dramatic lacing—results in new and inventive silhouettes. Crystals return in a big way, as well as labels decked out in glitter and metallic paint. Insects motifs and watercolor patches adds a fairytale vibe to the high glam look.


Light fabrics are brought to a new level with burnout effects, missing elements and sheer fabrications. These fabrics are used for entire garments like women’s button-down shirts, or as accent fabrics to cancel out the weight of jean jackets. The light and airy effect is carried into trims made out of wispy tulle, transparent materials and cutouts.


Lustrous fabrics made with Lyocell, modal and cotton blends deliver a fancy option for designers. Fabrications range from liquid-like fluidity to decadent and creamy. Materials are enhanced by pale pearlescent and soft metallic finishes. Light metal coatings on worn bases are key for accessories.