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10 Ways to Celebrate a Decade of Denham

It’s been 10 years of creating for Denham the Jeanmaker, and 10 special collections and projects with new and long-time collaborators is set to mark the occasion.

The Amsterdam-based label will launch a new one of these collaborations each month, and Converse, Barbour and Candiani Denim are among the contributors. Each collaboration complements the brand’s focus on blending traditional denim values with innovation.

“Our ‘Decade of Denham’ program is a nod to my greatest passions and inspirations that have shaped Denham into what it is today. I am honored and excited to partner with some of the brands and people who have most influenced me in my career,” said Jason Denham, the brand’s founder and chief creative officer.

Here’s a look at the 10 ways Denham is celebrating a decade of denim.

1. The brand kicked off celebrations with the launch of “A Decade of Denham,” a book that chronicles the brand’s history, highlights and reveals a look into Denham’s personal collection of scissors and jeans. The book is a collaboration between Denham, who largely wrote the book, and Amsterdam-based publisher and book store Mendo.

10 Ways Celebrate Decade of Denham
A Decade of Denham

“I love to collect books, and Mendo in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets is one of my favorite shops,” the founder said. “I feel like we’ve grown up with Mendo, because they opened two years before Denham, just around the corner from us. They have a beautiful store design and an incredible passion for retail.”

2. Denham partnered with Candiani for a golden ticket-inspired collection and competition. The brand this month launched three limited-edition styles—two for men and one for women—made with Candiani denim. The men’s styles feature a special golden selvedge finish and all three are packaged in a commemorative anniversary box.

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Five boxes have a “golden ticket” in the pocket, which wins the one who discovers it a weekend trip for two to Candiani’s mill outside of Milan.

3. The brand resumes its collaboration with artist and co-founder of Atelier Reservé, Alljan Moehamad. The collection offers reworked vintage garments and fabrics. “This project is a perfect example of a collaboration, bringing creativity together,” Moehamad said. “We’ve used authentic designs, special fabrics and damaged washes to create a unique collection.”

10 Ways Celebrate Decade of Denham
Reservé Denham

Denham and Moehamad first began collaborating in 2010 when Moehamad created 10 special edition skull paintings that incorporated Denham’s scissors logo. The artwork was printed on T-shirts, scarves and inside jackets.

4. Denham partnered with Converse—his personal favorite—for a second time, introducing the new All-Star Converse 100 silhouette. The shoe will feature indigo color detailing. The limited-edition sneaker, available April in only Japan, will be made in Japan.

The denim label teamed up with Converse in 2014 to create a Jack Purcell sneaker with a bespoke “smiling scissors” logo.

5. The second edition of the Jason Denham Collection will drop in May. The line offers a curated collection of mix-and-matched wardrobe essentials. For Spring ’18, the collection is inspired by the “endless summer” in Ibiza, a favorite destination of the Denham family.

6. As House Guest Artist in June 2018, Britian graphic designer Anthony Burrill will custom-create a typographic poster for Denham, featuring the brand’s “The Truth is in the Details” motto.

Only 50 limited-edition screen-printed posters will be made and autographed by both Burrill and Denham. The print will also be featured on men’s and women’s T-shirts, which will be available at Denham stores and select wholesale partners.

Denham is a fan of Burrill’s work. When he opened the first Denham office in Amsterdam in 2008, he hung Burrill’s “Work hard & be nice to people” poster in the reception area.

7. Scandinavian furniture brand NORR11 and Denham will unveil a 10-piece Denham furniture and lighting collection in August. “I love every discipline of design and have always been addicted to furniture, so I was thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with NORR11,” Denham said.

The collaboration between the two brands dates back to 2016, when they launched an exclusive indigo-dyed leather edition of the “Mammoth Chair.”

8. Denham uses Montblanc pens for everything—from writing to every pair of jeans he sketches. As part of Denham’s 10th anniversary program, it will collaborate with Montblanc to create a limited-edition series of Denham X Montblanc Meisterstück pens and pencils. The designs will be embellished with Denham’s signature scissor artwork.

10 Ways Celebrate Decade of Denham
Denham x Barbour

9. True to his British roots, Denham will partner with U.K. heritage label Barbour in November to create five limited-edition pieces. The collection will include two jackets, a Razor denim silhouette, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt. Each piece will feature a bespoke Denham X Barbour graphic, which combines the brand’s scissor logo with a black cat inspired by a Northern England mythical tale.

10. The denim label gets a signature scent in December. “The Denham retail experience has always been focused on the senses—sight, touch, auditory and olfactory,” Denham said. “We have always used Japanese fragrances in our stores, and we’re excited to develop a signature Denham fragrance that encompasses the spirit of our brand.”

Denham’s unisex fragrance reflects the brand’s “east meets west” mantra. The Japanese-inspired scent will blend saffron, styrax, agar wood, pine resin, salt and cedar wood. The fragrance will be available as an eau de parfum, room spray and a reed diffuser.