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Kassim Presents “World’s Heaviest Weight” Selvedge Denim

What does 38 oz. organic selvedge denim feel like? Like cardboard with a touch of sandpaper.

A soft hand feel wasn’t top of mind for Pakistan mill, Kassim Denim, when it set out to create the experimental denim.

Touted by the mill as the “world’s heaviest weight selvedge denim,” the jean was on display this week at Bluezone, the denim area of Munich Fabric Start. Mohsin Sajid, owner of the London-based denim label Endrime and the new creative director of Kassim, joked that the jean can stand up on its own.


The heavy duty denim attracted the attention of denimheads like “Swiss Jeans Freak” Ruedi Karrer, however, Sajid noted that it wasn’t produced with commercial intent. Rather, the fully-vertical mill developed the denim to show its full range of capabilities and its ability to offer more than basics.