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Cone Denim Reboots the Pinto Wash

Cone Denim is revisiting one of its more infamous product lines to tell a retro story for Spring/Summer 2018. The mill debuted a collection of streaky, bleached denim inspired by the 1970s Pinto wash at Munich Fabric Start, Aug. 30-31.

The unisex collection showcases the comfort stretch wide fabric as statement-making, throwback pieces, including a cropped A-line jacket and cropped flare jeans. The 2018 wash is notably more vibrant than the original, popped with intense shades of indigo. A selvedge option will follow.


The original Pinto wash was a happy accident. In 1969, Cone’s warehouse flooded. Damaged denim was rung through a bleach bath to remove dye, which resulted in bold and random streaks. The distinct look became a fashion trend and was a precursor to what the specialty denim market would ultimately become.

The wash resonates with consumers in demand of heritage and 1970s styling. In fact, an archival Pinto piece that has been touring in Cone’s exhibit to mark the 125th anniversary of its White Oak mill, has been a hit with both denim devotees and fashionistas.