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Kingpins Transformers Take on Toxic Chemicals

How is the denim industry ensuring safety with regards to toxic chemicals? And what tools does the industry need to reduce its use of hazardous chemicals?

Kingpins Transformers will ask these questions and more when it hosts “Toxic Future: Is the Scary Part of Hazardous Chemicals On the Way?”

The summit will take place in Amsterdam two days prior to the start of Kingpins Amsterdam on Oct. 24 at the Westergastheater.

Sara Fessler, the Restricted Substance List and Environmental Specialist at G-Star Raw, will open the summit with a keynote address, followed by 10-minute presentations by industry “transformers” along various stages of the jean supply chain.

Speakers include:

  •  Andrew Olah, Kingpins Show
  • Matthias Foessel, Beyond Surface
  • Christian Dreszig, Bluesign
  • Alberto Candiani, Candiani Denim
  • Michelle Turner, MS, PhD, Clean Water
  • Berk Ocalmaz, Dystar
  • Alberto de Conti, Garmon Chemicals
  • Scott Echols, ZDHC

The event is targeted to an audience of denim professionals, educators and government officials. After the presentations, panelists and attendees will participate in a candid discussion of the efforts, challenges and solutions proposed.

“We want people to understand the role of chemicals in the denim industry and be given clear and unbiased information as well real-world solutions for the problems we face now and foresee for the future,” said Andrew Olah, Kingpins Transformers and Kingpins Show founder. “Given the right tools, we can effect change and make informed decisions that will help the entire industry.”