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What’s New for S/S 18

This fall, the Lenzing Team crisscrossed their way across the globe (and in some cases, were in two place at once) to find the best denim has on offer for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

Mills presented their seasonal updates in performance, sustainability and fashion at Kingpins Amsterdam (Oct. 26-27), Kingpins New York (Nov. 2-3) and Denim PV in Paris (Nov.2-3), and along the way, revealed some unforgettable innovations and trends.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Kassim presented the “world’s first connected jean,” equipped with an open source microchip that can measure body temperature and humidity measurements. The mill also presented 3-D printed fabric containing indigo pigment.

While some mills focused on smart fabric, others presented smart looks. At Denim PV, Francois Girbaud presented the Tailored range exclusively through Naveena Denim Ltd., a collection of denim fabrics that resembled suitings. The sophisticated fabrics filled the gap left by wool, which appeared in fewer collections this season.

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