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Year In Review: The Best of Carved in Blue

Lenzing’s denim business found its own voice in 2016. The producer of wood-based cellulose fibers traded in its scientific persona for an edgier image with Carved in Blue, the company’s new blog that “delves into the inner workings and innovations of the denim industry.”

From closed loop innovations to the best trends and fabrications for Spring/Summer 2018, here’s a look back at Carved in Blue’s most popular stories from its inaugural year.

What’s New for S/S 18
In Fall 2016, the Lenzing Team crisscrossed their way across the globe (and in some cases, were in two place at once) to find the best denim has on offer for the Spring/Summer 2018 season. Here’s a look at the highlights found in Paris, Amsterdam and New York.

Denim Gets Its Day in China
Lenzing, along with Cotton Incorporated, Prosperity Textile and more, gathered for Denim Cool Day in August, a fashion trade event organized by the Asia Denim Innovation Alliance (DIA) in Guangzhou, China to promote new ways denim can be applied to fashion collections.

Patagonia Picks Up Tencel Made from Cotton Fabric Waste
Lenzing was determined to answer the market’s demand for closed loop production processes by taking cotton scraps that would have otherwise been discarded and turning them into fiber. In October, the company announced a solution.

Denim, According to Gen Z
The buying power of the millennials has captured a great deal of attention, but Generation Z is on track to become one of the largest social marketing groups denim has ever encountered. Carved in Blue spoke with one Gen Z to glean a better idea of this generation’s denim profile.

Sustainability and Innovation Are a Natural Fit
Is vertically integrated manufacturing a gateway to a more sustainable future? Carved in Blue spoke to Pakistan mill Soorty to learn more about how its using its fully-vertical capabilities for a greener tomorrow.