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Spinali’s Vibrating Jeans Create Buzz in Las Vegas

Are vibrating jeans the next big trend in commuter denim? French swimwear manufacturer Spinali Design thinks so.

The company, best known for its Neviano UV Protect bikini and illuminating dresses debuted the “Essential Connected Vibrating Jeans” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The women’s jeans are equipped with two vibrating sensors on the belt and connects to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The geolocation guides the wearer to desired end location by sending a vibration either on the right or left side of the jeans.

Other fun features including sending pings to discreetly attract someone’s attention. The system can also be programmed to inform the wearer if they are running late.

While the company caught some flack for presenting the technology in Vegas-style short shorts, Spinali says its wearable vibrating technology could help managers and business owners fight against workplace burnout. The application allows the wearer to configure their email settings so that the sensors will only vibrate in the case of urgent information. The technology also eliminates the number of times the wearer needs to check their phone throughout the day.

The jeans are programmed to stay in sleep mode when they aren’t in use and during home launders. The battery has a shelf life of four years.

The collection, available on the Spinali Design website, retails for $142 for a button front skirt to $252 for a jean jacket. Other styles with the technology include cutoff shorts, cuffed shorts and distressed Lycra and cotton blend skinnies.