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Cordura Taps Innovation Leaders for a Space Age Collaboration

Denim is entering a new era of innovation.

Invista’s Cordura brand is leading the way with a superstar collaboration for its 50th anniversary that re-imagines how durable denim looks and feels.

Attendees at the upcoming Munich Fabric Start’s Keyhouse innovation area will get a first look at X.Venture Collexion. The collaborative project is an interpretation of how some of the most innovative performance textile technologies from Cordura, Artistic Milliners, Lenzing and Schoeller Technologies can combine with design to impact the future of technical denims.

“To us, the future of innovation is collaboration—whether that’s with a designer or with our community of textile innovators—like Artistic Milliners, Tencel and Schoeller Technologies AG,” said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. “Orchestrating these industry powerhouses together is a gateway to forward-thinking design and the fusion of performance technologies in the apparel of today.”

Artistic Milliners Global R&D Manager Neil Bell described the garments as “next generation denim.”

“We designed and crafted a range of futuristic Cordura Denim fabrics with the aim of creating denim that reflects innovation and heritage while encapsulating next generation durability, strength and added performance,” Bell said. “In addition, we also collaborated with Schoeller finishing technologies to add their latest generation coating technologies to these outstanding conceptual Cordura Denim fabrics.”

Struktur Studio, led by outdoor apparel designer Michelle Rose, designed the three-piece retro-cool capsule based on early astronaut gear—a celebratory nod to Cordura’s 60s heritage.

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The men’s Neo Jean Jacket combines 20D Cordura UltraLite fabric and Cordura Denim with Schoeller PCM technology designed to regulate body temperature. The Neo Work Pant, featuring Cordura Denim with Schoeller’s C_Change technology, stands up to extreme environments. The garment’s C_Change membrane functions like a pine cone—it opens when the outside temperature rises and closes when the temperature dips.

The women’s Neo Jumpsuit is an example of soft yet durable denim. The garment is built with Cordura Denim with Tencel, Cordura Combat Wool Denim and Cordura Denim featuring Schoeller’s Ceraspace technology, a composition of ceramic particles that are nearly as hard as diamonds.

“While we are reflecting back to the past in the design of this collaboration, on the performance textiles spectrum, we remained focused on the future evolution of denim and how performance materials play a role in creating denims that are long-lasting and durable, as well as comfortable and soft,” said Tricia Carey, director of global business development at Lenzing Fibers Inc. “By joining forces with industry peers like Cordura brand, Artistic Milliners and Schoeller Technologies AG, we are driving that evolution faster to deliver performance textiles of tomorrow, today.”

Cordura will fete the collaboration and its 50th anniversary alongside Artistic Milliners, Tencel and Schoeller with coffee and cake on Jan. 31 from 3-4 PM at the Munich Fabric Start Keyhouse stand #39.