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Candiani’s Recipe to Clean Denim Manufacturing

In true Italian style, Candiani believes “good ingredients make a good denim.”

At Bluezone in Munich, Germany (Jan.31-Feb.1), the mill shared how its special ingredient, Kitotex, and its smart dyeing technique, Indigo Juice, can combine to clean up conventional denim making.

Coined as “Save the Water Kitotex,” the patented ingredient is sourced from Chitosan, a natural polymer derived by recycling the exoskeleton of shrimp—or a food industry byproduct. Kitotex replaces PVA and other harmful pollutants. The polymer boasts sustainable benefits for the fabric production process and health benefits for the end user.

Candiani uses the polymer as an ingredient in the dyeing and finishing process, allowing the mill to cut down on water and chemicals and to operate at lower temperatures. The substance is biodegradable and after the production process, it can help purify discharge water. For the consumer, Kitotex offers anti-bacterial, ant-static and anti-mite benefits.

The second ingredient in Candiani’s sustainable story, Indigo Juice, reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and energy in the laundry process. During the dyeing process, the mill keeps the indigo superficial on the yarn, meaning once the jeans are washed in the laundry, it takes only a small amount of water and energy to wash down. Indigo Juice can be used with sustainable laundry treatments, including laser, ozone and ice.

Together, Candiani says one pair of jeans with Kitotex and Indigo Juice requires 75 percent less water than conventional denim fabric and 65 percent fewer chemicals. During the washing process, Kitotex and Indigo Juice denim consumed 60 percent fewer chemicals and 83 percent less water than conventional denim jeans that looked the exact same. The Kitotex and Indigo Juice also required three fewer treatments.