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Berto Introduces New Sustainable Dyeing Processes

Berto presented Sky & Pure, a product line that showcases its brand-new Greenpeace Detox-approved dyeing process, at Bluezone in Munich last week.

The Italian mill developed new dyeing systems that can achieve intense casts that are still easy to wash.

The dyes, Sky and Pure, require a lower number off dying tanks.With the tagline, ‘A new era of indigo,’ the dyes require less consumption of H20 and electricity, and less treatments on the garments. The result is denim in a broad range of colors from light blue to black/gray.

Despite its recent nostalgic collections like Heritage Rewind, which spotlights heavy fabrics in 70s shades, and its 130th anniversary collection with Ma Va’, Berto continues to enhance its forward-thinking sustainable supply chain. The mill says being an “eco-sustainable company is not an arrival point, but a shared value.”

Last year, Berto opened a sustainable plant in Bovolenta, Italy equipped with 29 energy efficient looms, a high-efficiency ventilation system and energy saving LED lighting.

The mill’s sustainable efforts being at the fiber, with BCI Cotton, organic cotton and econyl yarns. It’s dyeing process with natural indigo and eco dyes uses reduced amounts of water and energy, while its weaving procedures require significant reduction of energy and water consumption, and reduces CO2 emissions by 20 percent. Berto’s finishing processes also boast 50 percent in reduces CO2, requiring less energy, water and chemical substances than traditional finishing processes.