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Bossa Introduces Water-Saving Collections

Turkey-based mill, Bossa, is taking a multi-prong approach to sustainability.

In addition to recently increasing its commitment to BCI cotton from 35 percent of its total cotton consumption in 2016 to 60 percent in 2017, the mill spotlighted three new eco projects at Bluezone in Munich (Jan. 31-Feb.1).

In an effort to reduce water usage in textile processing, the mill presented Dye Art, a process that Birim Atagan, Bossa public relations manager, says completely changes the way fabric is dyed. The ecological dyeing process uses less water and therefore, requires less amount of energy consumption. The resulting look is a bright color reminiscent of old Levi’s. The mill plans to expand the Dye Art’s color palette to appeal to a broader range of customers.

Working toward zero water, Bossa touted Save Blue, a new effort to alter conventional equipment and recycling systems. By using special techniques in dyeing and finishing processes, Save Blue does exactly what its name describes—saves 23 LTS of water in the dyeing of 1 MTS denim.

On the fiber technology side, the mill spotlighted Sustans, a new generation of elastic staple fiber made from DuPont Sorona PTT polymer. The polymer is made with bio-based ingredients instead of petrochemicals, eliminating the dependence on fossil fuels. Sustans’ unique molecular structure provides comfortable stretch and recovery (low growth, shrinkage and less puckering) even after multiple wears.