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Opportunities to Scale Green Chemistry

Green chemistry is “great chemistry that meets cost and performance requirements that just happens to be green!”

Steelcase hosted the 12th annual Green Chemistry and Commerce Council Roundtable (GC3) in Grand Rapids Michigan. This year’s conference was exceptional. From the keynote speakers to the breakout sessions, the atmosphere was one of optimism, opportunity and progress.

One of the objectives of the conference was to find ways to scale green chemistry and identify the role the GC3 could play to support the initiative. I think they are already doing a terrific job and are well on their way to making this a reality. For example, they have

-Promoted innovation by hosting a challenge to find safer preservatives
-Convened a bio-based start up network
-Catalyzed the adoption of safer alternatives through the GC3 Retailer Leadership Council

There were many insights to be gleaned over the 3 days, but I keep mulling over three. Two of the three are definitely opportunities that can scale green chemistry.

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