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All In the Family with Candiani

So much of denim’s roots run deep through generations of makers, who pass down the craft to maintain the company’s history and heritage, that we decided to start a summer series called “All in the Family,” just to highlight their heritage and what they bring to the industry.

First up: Alberto Candiani, son of Gianluigi Candiani, and fourth generation heir to the Italian denim mill’s throne. Candiani started out in a tiny town called Robecchetto near Milan in 1938, when Alberto’s great grandfather set up several looms to weave workwear and sell it in local markets.

Since then—and with 78 years of experience under its indigo belt loops—Candiani has reached the ranks as one of the world’s finest denim mills, and each generation of Candianis has done its part to preserve the premium, innovative and sustainable denim the brand is now known for.

It’s all in the family, really. Here’s a look at what being born into a life of denim really looks like.

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