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Arvind Taps Into Its Denim Sense for Fall/Winter ’18

Denim came to India in a big way in the 1980s and Arvind had a lot to do with it.

The Indian manufacturer, which has been in business for more than 70 years, aimed its expertise at producing denim 30 years ago and now produces more than 110 million meters of the fabric each year. The focus at Arvind, is to keep technology ultra-modern, ideas innovative and denim at the forefront of what the market wants.

When it came time to think about its collection for Fall/Winter ’18, Arvind turned to its SENSES—and named the line to suit.

The idea, according to Arvind Denim CMO, Saurabh Samnol, it was to explore the aesthetics of denim, turning to new textures and hues and bringing them to life in a range of silhouettes. But what also sets the collection apart is its extensive line of fabrics with TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers in various blends, which Arvind tapped into to give its denim greater dimension, plus that ever-softer hand-feel that consumers are constantly after.

Carved in Blue spent some time with Saurabh to get a better look at the inspiration behind the denim purveyor’s latest line.

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