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Instagrammers: Reading the Book of Denim

If denim could come to life on a computer screen, it would unfold like the posts on the @bookofdenim Instagram page.

With an Amsterdam based denim magazine called Code, it only made sense for the mag’s editor-in-chief Peter van Rhoon to follow that with an indigo-laden Instagram page at Book of Denim. The point of the page is to pay homage to “the science, industry and poetic beauty of denim,” as the bio for Book of Denim notes.

From denim tradition to denim innovation and denim inspiration, there’s little that won’t catch your eye at Book of Denim. Close ups of the fabric and hands stained indigo highlight the craft behind these denim creations and then wearers and makers and trend drivers bring the denim further to life.

So, to find out what’s between the lines in the Book of Denim, Carved in Blue caught up with van Rhoon, who is also the creative director for Book of Denim.

Read more at Carved in Blue.

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