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Twin Dragon Kicks Denim Sustainability Up a Notch

Whether its dyes or finishes or processes for keeping black jeans black, Los Angeles-based denim mill Twin Dragon does it all—and all with an eye to sustainability.

The company recently debuted its SORBTEK® REPREVE® denim designed to wick-moisture better than before, which is something the company feels will serve to ramp up the comfort consumers today seek. Focusing still on sustainability, the SORBTEK® technology helps keep yarn cool and protects against soiling, which means wearers can wash the garment less, meaning less water use.

Twin Dragon’s new concentrated Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing, a mercerization alternative, have also been a focus of late, and the technologies are counted among the most advanced for sustainable denim production in the marketplace. These technologies are even combined with denim using TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers taking sustainability all the back to raw materials.

Carved in Blue caught up with Dominic Poon, founder and CEO of Twin Dragon, to find out more about the company’s eco ethos and what’s next for the mill when it comes to sustainability.

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