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Year in Review: 3 Women’s Denim Designers to Watch

The best women’s denim designers stick to what their end consumer values the most: fit and fashion. These four designers do just that while also keeping true to their own design point of view.

Sonas Denim: The Patchwork Denim Brand Born at Burning Man

A pair of homemade patchwork jeans designed for Burning Man, the annual bohemian art event that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, may not sound like the origin story of a premium denim brand, but it is in the case of Sonas Denim.

Gerry Kelly’s designs were a huge hit at the festival in 2010, leading him to manufacture the first run of Sonas Denim, 100 pairs of patchwork jeans made in a denim factory in San Francisco, which he sold at trunk shows. Read more…

Denim Anchors Fall ’15 for LA-Made Objects Without Meaning

Lighten up and stop taking fashion so seriously. That’s the story behind the name of Objects Without Meaning, the L.A.-made women’s label launched in 2011 by Australian designer Alexandra Michelle. It’s also a common thread stitched throughout the line: her collections don’t chase the latest trends and she will never design something her customers have to strain their brains to wear. Read more…

Calvin Rucker Founders on Crafting Chic and Tough Clothes for Women

When former Levi’s employees Caroline Calvin and Joie Rucker came together in 2012 to form a company in downtown Los Angeles, they knew denim would be a substantial part of it.

“We didn’t want to include a collection that didn’t include jeans because we feel like the person’s wardrobe, the woman that we want to dress, wears jeans part of the time. And it’s a big part of her go-to wardrobe” Rucker explained.

The result is a line that suits the duo’s laidback, California lifestyle and their keen sense of humor. Read more…