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34 Heritage Debuts Rebranding and a Renewed Emphasis on Fabrics

If other menswear brands can learn one thing from the success of 34 Heritage, it’s that flexibility is key—both in business and in jeans.

The premium denim brand known for its European luxury style and stretch fits has been in a constant state of evolution since it launched in 2011. Founded by the makers of luxury brand Mavi, 34 Heritage hit the market with a style that initially competed with the brand that came before it. That’s why 34 Heritage president Arkun Durmaz—who had worked at Mavi since 1997—was called in to relaunch the fall 2011 collection.

“The industry is constantly changing and evolving,” Durmaz told Rivet. “Denim designers need the ability to observe, listen and digest current trends and new techniques, and turn it all into a collection that distinguishes themselves against the competition.”

And that’s exactly what he’s doing again.

This summer, 34 Heritage underwent a rebrand that responded to the changing needs of the “modern gentlemen,” a term it often uses to describe its target demographic. A professional who carries the same standard of quality and presentation as the suit he wears to work, the 34 Heritage consumer wants luxury that never sacrifices comfort.

After the latest rebrand, the visual and online aesthetic reflects that.

All of the customer-facing brand touchpoints—the logo, color scheme, typography, copywriting, hangtags, packaging and digital design of the website—were refined to provide customers with the upscale experience they craved.

34 Heritage
34 Heritage Courtesy

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“We felt that since we started, the reach of the brand has broadened, and we wanted to make sure that our overall messaging and packaging was matching what was already happening on the ground,” said Durmaz.

And the shift to direct-to-consumer is still somewhat new to the brand. Originally founded as a way to fill a void in the wholesale market, the brand predominantly worked with retailers including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Allen Edmonds. It started targeting consumers directly in 2017 when it launched its e-commerce website.

It’s hard to imagine 34 Heritage has only been around for seven years when one considers its milestones, including expanding into luxury and performance non-denim fabrics to respond to customers’ versatile lifestyles. Currently, the brand’s bestselling styles in the U.S. are the Courage straight leg and the Charisma relaxed straight leg, which range in price from $98-$195. In Canada, the most popular styles are the Courage and Cool Slim fit, $93-$195. Overall, dark washes and tonal stitching are a strong focal point for the brand, which boasts clean, sophisticated looks.

Fittingly, the brand is set to make some exciting announcements as it continues to respond to the changing market. And while consumers drive its revenue, they’re not the only ones the brand looks to when making their next move—suppliers play a large role as well.

“Our biggest inspiration always comes from all the great developments and innovations our fabric suppliers provide,” said Durmaz. “We look for suppliers that use state-of-the-art machines and advanced technologies, choose the best cotton yarns and take into account the environmental issues in each part of their supply chain.”

And innovative fabrics with superior stretch and excellent fits are at the core of the brand. Its denim incorporates a two-way stretch system that allows the fabric to move with the wearer, allowing him to bend down, stand and walk without ever needing to adjust.

“Our primary attributes are exceptional fit and outstanding comfort,” said Durmaz. “What makes us truly unique is that we recognize that not everyone is a classic 32×32, and not only do we cater to the man who falls outside of that standard proportion, but we offer him a range of fits that suit his personal taste, size and style.”