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How 3×1 is Bringing Denim’s Storied History to Life

The denim industry is coming to a docuseries near you.

Scott Morrison, founder of denim label 3×1 is diving deep into denim to help tell its story.

Screening a snippet of the film “Common Thread” at the recent New York Denim Days, Morrison can be heard saying, “The industry I love is changing and I want to meet the people making it happen. This is a show about blue jeans, but it’s more than that. It’s about people. It’s about culture. It’s about our future. This is our common thread.”

When asked what prompted the project, Morrison said speaking on a panel following the trailer, that while we spend a lot of time going way back when it comes to fashion, much of what shaped denim happened in the ‘80s, with brands like Diesel and Evisu. So, Morrison said, “I wanted to take a different approach of telling people, or introducing people to that whole concept of over the last 30 years denim has really become this transformative product. It’s gone very clearly out of this really old school kind of work wear inspired thing to something that has a totally different meaning today….so I wanted to tell that story.”

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