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3×1’s Docu-series Gives a Global Perspective on Denim Manufacturing

Though typically seen on the runway or in fashion magazines, premium denim brand 3×1 is expanding to a different kind of discovery platform: film.

On Thursday, the company debuted its documentary series Common Thread, hosted by founder Scott Morrison and produced in partnership with Convicts media. The film series takes a personal approach to the denim industry and follows influential denim brands as they explore the historical, current and future landscape of denim.

Filmed in Italy, the first episode featured commentary from some of the region’s greatest denim companies, including Candiani Denim, Diesel and Tonello. The episode covers some of the greatest talking points in the industry like sustainability and heritage, and shines a spotlight on key personalities  steering the Italian denim industry, including Alberto Candiani,  Renzo Rosso and Alice Tonello.

And the timing is impeccable. Now more than ever, consumers are choosing quality over quantity—a trend likely encouraged by the growing awareness of fashion’s impact on the environment. Common Thread helps provide consumers with greater transparency into the premium denim process, from start to finish.

“This project was inspired by my passion for denim, but also as a reflection on today’s world and the changes taking place around us,” said Morrison. “It was an opportunity to reconnect with some of my favorite people in the industry, to share the stories of our successes and our struggles, and ultimately begin to share our ideas surrounding what it will take to not only survive but thrive.”

The first episode is now available on the Convicts YouTube channel. Future episodes will be filmed in Japan and the U.S. through 2020, and can be viewed on the channel as they become available.