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5 Denim Trends to Watch for Fall ’17

In a season that MAGIC predicts will reference historic times of empowerment, rebellion and expression, denim will be a go-to source for inspiration.

MAGIC released its seasonal trend report, including five themes in women’s denim to watch. From raw to quirky, here’s a look at trends to have on your shopping list.

Back to Raw
The return of raw denim, or dry denim, offers the purest form of customization. Lead by millennials eager to put their mark on denim, the raw trend sees denim returning to its natural state, allowing the wearer to break-in and add life to their jeans. Look for modern cuts like tailored culottes with raw hems, unbleached.

Active Denim
Athleisure hasn’t killed off denim, but it has inspired a new generation of “second skin” denim with performance benefits. The trend offers a sleek denim look with yoga pant-like freedom to move. This trend calls for superior recovery to keep the garment in tip-top shape.

Sustainable Denim
Denim is a dirty business and consumers are beginning to catch on. This season welcomes denim with a lower carbon footprint, including recycled cotton and polyester yarns and denim made with finishing treatments that require less water and energy.

Say Something
This trend uses denim as a platform to make a personal statement. From catchphrases and monograms to sentimental patches, rips and tears, expect to see denim make some bold moves in Fall ’17. Trucker jackets and deconstructed jackets are a must here.

The unisex appeal of denim is highlighted in this trend, with women’s brands breaking away from skinny to try relaxed fits and men’s brands going tighter. These gender-neutral shapes add diversity to the sales floor and creates an unpredictable look in streetwear.