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5 Takeaways from Invista’s ‘Around the Denim World in 80 Days’ Report

Denim styles and trends vary from country to country, but Invista’s latest study on the global denim market shows that women’s desire for the perfect-fitting jean is universal.

Invista revealed the results of its “Around the Denim World in 80 Days” study last month at Kingpins Amsterdam. The fiber innovation company will also share its findings at Kingpins New York on May 10, where it will talk fit, shaping and thermal comfort solutions.

The study was conducted from September to November 2016 with consumers in Germany, Spain, the U.S., China and Brazil expressing their thoughts about the jeanswear market. Consumers talked about durability, comfort, fit and appearance.

“One of the most enlightening aspects of our research is how many different considerations consumers take into account when looking for a pair of jeans, and the number of unmet needs that still exist,” said Jean Hegedus, Invista global segment director for denim.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Invista’s report.

  • The average woman in the U.S. owns 8.5 pairs of jeans. In Brazil, where women wear jeans to work more frequently, the average number of pairs own by women is 9.5. Despite having the least difficulty shopping for jeans, women in China own the least, averaging 6.4 pairs.


  • Jeans are the preferred bottom for most occasions. Invista’s study found that 81 percent of U.S. women prefer to wear jeans while running errands and 78 percent prefer jeans for social occasions in the evening. However, at home, jeans lose out to leggings, which is U.S. women’s preferred garment for wearing around the house.


  • Women’s biggest frustration with jeans is fit. Seventy-nine percent of U.S. women say it is difficult to find jeans that fit everywhere on their bodies. Only 42 percent of U.S. females surveyed describe shopping for jeans as “easy.” That is 10 percent less than the global average.


  • What do women do if they can’t find jeans? Forty-three percent of women worldwide settle and buy the best jean they can find, while 42 percent say they don’t buy at all. Others (15 percent) look for an alternative item like leggings.


  • The average cost of jeans for women in the U.S. is $53, but consumers are willing to pay more for the “perfect pair.” In fact, women said are willing to spend 46 percent more for the perfect jean.