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Year in Review: 5 Ways Men’s Brands are Reviving Heritage Denim

Heritage denim continues to be a thriving part of the men’s denim market. Here’s a look at five designers working to keep denim’s history alive in fresh and modern ways for the contemporary consumer.

The Brooklyn Circus Puts a New Spin on Heritage Brands

Menswear label Brooklyn Circus doesn’t project a Made in America message, but Owner and Art Director Gabriel Garcia said the brand strikes a balance between transparency and discovery with their designs.

“There’s an element of a journey that’s involved with the brand, and golden nuggets are left throughout.” He added, “We pick and choose where it would add value to our product and our customers’ experience,” noting that sometimes there are limitations within made in America. Read more…

Visvim Fuses Japanese and American Heritage

Visvim Creative Director Hiroki Nakamura opened up his archive of personal items that he’s collected over the years to showcase how his inspirations come from all over the world.

The Spring ’16 collection offers an abundant mix of West and East influences: a Japanese trench with a hand-painted seashells inspired by Montauk, New York; pinstriped baseball jerseys in denim fabrics; long-sleeve collared shirts with a striped panel detail; and suits that were made from vintage Japanese woolens. Read more…

Tellason Designer Tony Patella on Made in USA and Durable Goods

Blue jeans are the original American garment, but it has become harder and harder to pin down a pair of jeans with a “Made in America” label. Tellason is one of the few companies still producing true American jeans.


However, as Co-Founder Tony Patella explained, “Made in San Francisco” is not that simple. The company sources components from all over the U.S.—denim from one place, twill from another, pocketing from yet another. Read more…

34 Heritage Redefines Men’s Luxury Denim

34 Heritage is the comfort and luxury jean for the business professional. As Alissa Friedman, 34 Heritage U.S. marketing manager, explained, “This the guy who wears a suit every single day, these are pants he wants to put on when he comes home. They’re comfortable and it’s all about the fabric and the premium quality of it.” Read more…

Yankee Dog Pays Homage to American Workwear

Nicholas Gamarello, Yankee Dog designer and former assistant designer to Mr. Ralph Lauren himself, explains that he avoids trying to reinvent the wheel and aims to represent the true form of American denim by paying an homage to the working class man and creating a dream denim. Read more…