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New Book Chronicles Diesel’s Rebellious Denim Journey

The moniker “disruptor” may be a trendy way to describe influential brands nowadays, but Diesel is known for its decades of pushing boundaries in denim fashion.

This and other experiences from the brand’s 41-year journey are the foundation of a new book, “5D: Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim.”

Published by Rizzoli and edited by Susie Lau, a fashion expert and social media personality, the book is “not an academic study, nor is it a chronological retelling of Diesel’s history in denim,” according to its summary. Instead, it serves as a collection of the brand’s visual material, campaigns and editorials that best reflect Diesel’s signature aesthetic.

At 248 pages, the coffee table book boasts creative imagery throughout, shot by four different photographers. It highlights standout collaborations such as one with Karl Lagerfeld in 2002 and the Diesel Red Tag project in 2018, which includes capsule collaborations with a number of designers.

The book also features interviews with employees, including founder Renzo Rosso’s son, Andrea Rosso, who serves as the creative director of Diesel licenses.

Diesel book
“5D: Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim” Courtesy

This isn’t the first-time Diesel has dipped its toes into publishing. Other titles about the iconic brand include “Fifty,” “XXX Years of Diesel Communication,” “55+5 Radical Renaissance” and more. Like Levi’s, which has authorized a range of books documenting its history and influence, Diesel has a brand journey that lends itself well to publishing.

“5D: Diesel, Dream, Disruption, Deviation, Denim” is immediately available at select Diesel stores, as well as Starting Nov. 19, it will also be sold through Rizzoli’s wholesale and retail network.