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6 Denimheads & Their Personal Instagram Accounts

The Rivet team is guilty of losing hours perusing denim accounts on Instagram. With more than 62,000 photos tagged #denimhead, it is the go-to social source to share and seek denim inspiration.

Check out our list of little known Instagram accounts for your own denim inspo.


TJ Marsh of @BigBaggyJesus is something like the patron saint of baggy jeans. Posting shots of denim from 90s to 2000s in the baggiest of styles, TJ is a curator of baggy, West Coast inspiration and a seller of vintage denim through his account. He is leading the movement toward wider cut jeans.


Ken of @sanforized_son offers an all-American look. He pairs the classics—raw denim, flannels and Red Wings—with the occasionally snapshot of a young Hilary Clinton. The account is a gold mine for strong head-to-toe raw denim looks.


Check out Michael Soo’s Instagram account @Michaelysoo when you want to see shots of good bourbon and incredible raw denim fades. Michael’s rotation of denim includes everything from Japanese grails like Samuari’s and Pure Blue Japan to Americana mainstays like RRL and even Uniqlo’s raw selvedge.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Bert of @bvo_66 likes his Red Wings as much as he likes his denim raw. Check this Instagram for some premium shots of whisker fades—a highly coveted effect among denim lovers. Bert likes to show his off as well as his deep footwear collection.


Denim can often feel like a boys’ club but Suzie of @denimbitch begs to differ. As the Instagram handle suggests, Suzie is fierce and her denim style shows it. A highlight of the account is her awesome Rogue Territory work shirt in 10 oz Japanese denim.


Daniel of @redrawdenim offers a “Swede” look into the world of Nudie Jeans—he reps the popular Swedish label. Along with jean selfies, you’ll find his favorite beard wash and conditioner, beautiful worn-in boots and accessories presented in editorial-worthy flat lays.