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Mother Experiments with Upcycled Fabrics and Deadstock Garments

The denim industry’s effort to reduce and reuse textiles is not only good for the environment. It is also sparking a new level of creativity among denim designers.

Premium denim brand Mother recently launched “60% Mother,” its first-ever capsule collection produced with pre- and post-consumer waste and handmade in Los Angeles. The brand states that this is the first in a series of upcoming collections that it will launch featuring reused and recycled materials.

For the 21-piece collection, Mother sourced materials from local “rag houses” and deconstructed and reimagined garments made with overstock and damaged fabrics, as well as some vintage pieces.

The collection offers utilitarian-inspired garments such as high-waisted shorts and asymmetrical dresses derived from deadstock trooper pants. Overstock Mother flare jeans were transformed into balloon pants with a drawstring waist and pockets made from vintage army bags for a “utilitarian slant.” Denim scraps and other items were woven into quilts and cut into uniquely patterned jumpsuits in a range of blue hues, while vintage men’s jeans were reshaped as women’s jackets.

Premium denim brand Mother launched its 60% Mother a collection of patchwork denim garments made of pre- and post-consumer waste.
Constructing a pieced denim shirt Courtesy

“The emphasis on various shades of patchwork also showcases the ways fabric has been salvaged and repurposed,” the brand stated.

The line also offers a range of accessories, including oversized totes constructed from vintage money bags and other items as well as oversized patchwork scarves that were made from upcycled deadstock bandanas.

The collection, which retails for $125 to $520, is now available exclusively on Mother’s website.

Premium denim brand Mother launched its 60% Mother a collection of patchwork denim garments made of pre- and post-consumer waste.
60% Mother bag Courtesy

Upcycled denim garments are striking a chord with consumers and brands alike.

Fashion search engine Tagwalk reported that fully sustainable and upcycled looks were featured about 100 percent more often in F/W 20-21 collections than they were in F/W19-20 collections. Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Outerknown, Monki and more have each recently bowed a line of upcycled denim garments, often touting their one-of-a-kind qualities and the positive environmental effects of using materials that already exist.

Last summer, fashion search platform Lyst saw monthly increases in the number of consumers searching for patchwork and upcycled denim pieces.