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7 For All Mankind Vouches for Collagen Peptide-Infused Jeans

With more time spent on Zoom calls and FaceTime, the beauty industry is currently booming—and 7 For All Mankind is tapping into its popularity with jeans that incorporate some of its top products.

The brand known for its premium denim offerings recently debuted the Beauty Jean, its latest innovation that features a long list of perks for the wearer, including skin hydration, thermoregulation, deodorization and sun protection. 

Using supramolecular technology, the Umorfil fiber combines collagen peptides—a valuable beauty commodity touted for its anti-aging properties—with viscose for denim that’s hydrating and cool to the touch. Since the peptides in the fabric sit on the skin and don’t penetrate the topical barrier, the benefits of incorporating them into denim are confined to skin hydration.

7 For All Mankind debuted the Beauty Jean, featuring collagen peptides and thermoregulation, deodorization and sun protection properties.
7 For All Mankind Courtesy

The jeans also offer antimicrobial properties, a popular feature many brands have been incorporating into their pandemic and post-pandemic denim offerings. While some of these technologies are applied topically during the finishing process, the Umorfil technology embeds the amino acid into the fiber filament, meaning it can never be washed out or wear out over time.

7 For All Mankind reports that the benefits of the jeans can be experienced immediately, and wearers will notice the cool handfeel of the denim as soon as it’s put on the body. For this reason, the brand notes that the denim is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

Currently, it’s offered in the Josefina, a relaxed boyfriend, or the Peggi, a relaxed skinny, in a light denim wash called Ventana. This summer, the jean will be available in a bright medium wash called Ojai, followed by another medium wash called Monterey and a new fashion fit in the fall. The brand noted it will continue to work the technology into its Spring ’22 line.

The Beauty Jean is now available for $198 on the 7 For All Mankind website, and comes in sizes 23 to 34.