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The $900 Jeans Rich Guys Can’t Stop Wearing

You may not like it, but high-end menswear is getting even more expensive. It used to be that designer womenswear had a reputation for sky-high prices ($800 sweaters, $5,000 coats, and $600 shoes), but the fashion playing field—and the cost of being in it—has been leveled. So leveled, in fact, that something like $900 jeans don’t just exist, they’re selling out at the stores rich guys shop at most. Want proof? Just look at some of the most stylish men on the planet.

The jeans in question come from the in-demand label Fear of God and retail for exactly $895. They’re about as statement-y as jeans can be right now, featuring a bleachy stone wash, big rips (in a somehow nonoffensive way), and track-pant-like zippered ankles (meant to be worn slightly unzipped). You might be saying to yourself, Wait, some abused denim and a pair of zippers stack up to nine Benjamins? And the answer is: sort of.

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