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A-Poc Able Issey Miyake Unveils Rust-Inspired Jeans

A new project draws parallels between the texture of denim and rust.

A-Poc Able Issey Miyake unveiled the Type-IV Yuma Kano project, an experimental initiative by up-and-coming designer Yuma Kano that highlights the complex patterns and color mixtures of rust. The project centers on a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans featuring a woven rust pattern design.

“Denim jeans have become an indispensable part of our modern lives. They are garments that soften and change color each time they are worn. These are valuable changes that enable the wearer to look back and savor the time and experiences they have accumulated while wearing them,” the brand stated.

To achieve the design, Kano used natural elements such as sunlight, rain, soil and seawater to rust metal plates with denim pattern lines engraved on their surface. He then used a novel technique to transfer the rust from metal plates onto acrylic resin.

This created the blueprint for the woven design. To create the complex weave structure and three-dimensional appearance of rust, Kano used material with polyester in the warp and cotton with two different thicknesses in the weft. The result is “an unexpectedly beautiful rust pattern prompted by the pattern lines.”

The orange and brown jean will be available July 1. Issey Miyake’s Kyoto store will also host an exhibition of Kano’s artwork July 1-26.

A-Poc Able Issey Miyake launched in 1998 to instigate “dialogues on clothing between creators and wearers.” Previous projects span the Type-O, a lightweight stretch jacket with a three-dimensional geometric pattern, and the Type-A, a series of knits made by cutting tube-shaped pieces of fabric.