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Adriano Goldschmied Resurrects Daily Blue

Adriano Goldschmied is going back to his roots.

The renowned jeanswear designer is relaunching Daily Blue, the women’s jeans line he created in his native Italy in 1974—seven years before he launched the Genius Group, the legendary creative studio that gave birth to brands such as Diesel and Replay.

Version 1.0 of Daily Blue was “immediately a big success,” Goldschmied said, adding that the upscale brand was a precursor of the premium denim brands to come. Daily Blue was distinguished by its use of quality imported fabrics, and its luxury-like price point would be equivalent to around $1,000 today, he said.

While Swinging London served as an inspiration for the brand’s original aesthetic, Goldschmied said the new line is not an exact dupe in the way brands like Diesel and Levi’s are re-issuing styles from the past.

“The new Daily Blue is not a copy or replica because I am always oriented towards the future,” he said.

While the collection has a slight vintage feel—especially since he did bring back its original colorful 1970s label and back patch—Goldschmied stresses that it is aimed at contemporary women and “the new generation that goes in between premium denim and luxury.”

Sustainability is now part of the premium and luxury fold. Goldschmied, who recently developed Chloe’s first circular jean, said he is using Japanese fabrics and sustainable washes for Daily Blue, including a no-dye fabric that gets its color from recycled fibers in the warp. This technique, he added, saves water and chemicals.

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He’s also using Tencel thread and avoiding polyester and metallic trims.

Daily Blue, which is made in Los Angeles, will first ship for Spring 2023 and retail between $320-$400. Goldschmied plans to release new seasonal collections four times a year.

The initial collection of this “next step after premium denim,” as Goldschmied described it, offers 20 items spanning a jacket, a shirt, a coat and jeans in various wide fits and washes. “It used to be that one fit dominated the market but now there are many different fits,” he said.

Adriano Goldschmied has relaunched his 1970s brand Daily Blue.
Daily Blue Courtesy

The brand, which is being distributed through Findings Showroom, is 100 percent owned by Goldschmied and his company Genious Group.

A Daily Blue DTC e-commerce site will launch in 2023. The brand will initially be sold in the U.S. only but as it eventually goes global (as the first one did) Goldschmied aims to have production facilities in each new continent it enters, one somewhere in Europe for that market and another in Vietnam for Asia, he said.