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AG Adds Natural Dyes to Biodegradable Denim Collection

AG’s Jean of Tomorrow concept collection just got more sustainable.

The Los Angeles-based denim brand debuted the second iteration of its 100 percent biodegradable range of men’s and women’s denim. The update features five items made with natural dyes derived from madder root and myrobalan nuts from a farm collective in India. The end result is a palette of soft brown, pink and cream tones.

The range includes the women’s Alexxis denim short—modeled after a bestselling straight-leg jean style by the same name—in brown, white and pink, along with a cropped straight-leg jean in brown for women and a slim fit jean in white for men.

Using natural dyes helps lessen the company’s environmental footprint, as the process eliminates the petrochemicals and toxins that are used in common synthetic dyes. Companies throughout the denim supply chain have developed indigo alternatives for this very reason. Pakistan-based vertical denim supplier Crescent Bahuman recently debuted Blue Infinity, which provides an expanded scope of blue shades without using indigo. Natural indigo supplier Stony Creek Colors and Swiss chemical maker Archroma also recently entered a partnership to market IndiGold high-performance plant-based pre-reduced indigo at scale.

AG’s original Jean of Tomorrow debuted last April with a unisex denim jacket, a men’s “Tellis” straight-leg jean and a women’s “Alexxis” mid-rise straight-leg jean made of 100 percent biodegradable denim fabric featuring a blend of organic cotton, Tencel and hemp. All garments in the collection were stitched with sustainable thread made from Tencel, and used corozo buttons derived from nuts, which are known for their scratch- and fade-resistant properties. AG also used responsible supply chain processes such as laser and ozone finishing technology and water recycling methods for optimal water and energy savings.

The new collection features all of the sustainable elements from the last range, but with natural dyes as well.

AG debuted the second iteration of its 100 percent biodegradable collection of men’s and women’s denim with natural dyes.
AG Jean of Tomorrow Courtesy

Now in its 22nd year, the company is furthering its sustainability efforts with every new collection. Last month, it dropped The Revival Workshop collection, a range of archived denim inventory marked for recycling that has been reinterpreted for today. The collection spans denim shorts, jeans and jackets for men and women, and features hand-finished details like dip-dye effects, frayed hems and distressing.

The new Jean of Tomorrow is now available online and in stores, and retails from $168-$218. The collection is offered in men’s sizes 29-38 and women’s sizes 23-32.