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AG Jeans Joins Campaign to Clean Up Local Beaches

Los Angeles-based AG Jeans is showing some love to the world’s beaches with a new multi-brand campaign that calls on companies and consumers to clean up the coast.

The denim brand joins other environmentally focused companies such as swimwear brand Mikoh, Free People, Alaska Airlines, Art of Tea and Necessaire, all of which are driving awareness for September’s Coastal Cleanup Month organized by L.A. environmental nonprofit Heal the Bay.

Led by water brand Boxed Water, the campaign aims to stop plastic pollution permeating the world’s beaches for its second consecutive year. The brand organized beach cleanups in Newport Beach, Calif. on Sept. 16, Santa Monica on Sept. 18 and Montauk, N.Y. on Sept. 25, and is encouraging all of its employees to partake in individual cleanups as well.

Participating brands are also donating funds to supply environmental nonprofit Ocean Blue Project with a microplastic extraction machine that the organization will use to clean up a projected 250,000 pounds of plastic per year.

Microplastics and microfibers continue to pollute the world’s oceans, and were recently even found in remote parts of the Arctic region. While littering is one part of the problem, home washing machines are also to blame. During a standard load of laundry, microfibers from clothing can slip through the machine’s lint trap and end up in waterways and oceans. Because chemicals are used to make most denim, these microfibers can pose a threat to the surroundings and their inhabitants. Many in the denim industry are doing their part to mitigate the issue, with new fabric technologies that eliminate the need for frequent at-home washing and water treatment systems that trap microfibers before they make their way into the world’s water sources.

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“With so much happening in the world and growing concerns over the climate crisis, we wanted to band together as a united front with these incredible brands to share positive and proactive ways to curb plastic waste,” said Daryn Kuipers, CEO of Boxed Water. “Our partnering brands have individually made significant environmental strides in their operations, products and/or services. They continue to inspire Boxed Water as we ensure—beyond creating a product to reduce plastic pollution—we give back to the planet as a whole and communities in our backyards.”

From Sept. 15-30, consumers are also being asked to do their part to end plastic pollution in the world’s oceans—and they’re being incentivized with the chance to win a grand prize of products from each of the participating brands. The grand prize includes: AG Jeans’ biodegradable “Jeans of Tomorrow,” two round trip Alaska Airlines tickets, a $500 Free People gift card, a 6-month Tea of the Month subscription from Art of Tea, select Mikoh swimwear made of recycled plastic bottles, climate neutral-certified skincare products from Necessaire and a six-month supply of Boxed Water.

Consumers can enter to win by filling out a form via the sweepstakes link on Boxed Water’s Instagram page.

By participating in the campaign, AG Jeans furthers its sustainable commitment, having launched its biodegradable denim collection in April. Featuring a blend of organic cotton, Tencel and hemp, the fabric is sourced from a mill close to AG’s Mexico facility to further reduce its carbon footprint. All garments in the collection are stitched with sustainable thread made from Tencel, and all use corozo buttons derived from nuts, which are known for their scratch- and fade-resistant properties.

The brand has previously touted its use of responsible supply chain processes such as laser and ozone finishing technology and water recycling methods, and reports that it recycles over 100,000 gallons of water per day. It aims to recycle over 50 million gallons of water per year.