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AG Upcycles for Fall, Goes Southwest for Spring

Old meets new in AG’s new capsule collection of upcycled vintage and deadstock garments.

The AG design team “reimagined and retouched” hand-selected pieces in the brand’s Los Angeles design studios to create the Workshop collection’s one-of-a-kind styles. The limited-edition range covers vintage military liners, jackets, shackets, and aged denim shirts. Each piece is spruced up with subtle design details such as embroidery or modified patterns. 

Additionally, AG revised its own deadstock styles to reinterpret them for today with similar details.

Workshop collection

Each garment comes with a card denoting the authentic vintage stock and noting variations in sizing, color, and construction. Garments are one-of-a-kind and may include mending, alterations, patches, or stains.

John Rossell, AG’s head of marketing and creative, said the collection “offers our customers access to an incredible assortment of truly authentic styles that are coveted by the vintage shopping community.”

The Workshop collection retails for $248-$325 and is available now at AG’s stores and website.

Picture Perfect

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Starring models Taylor Hill and Evan Mock, AG in its Fall 2022 campaign takes a nostalgic look back to the “recent past” and the revival of ’90s-era trends. “Guided by a love of exploration and a respect for quality, AG embraces the art of combining old and new in its latest offering,” it said.  

In the fall collection, AG pairs faded dark indigo jeans with core pieces like white T-shirts and slim fit turtleneck tops, and vintage washed oversized jackets with distressed jeans. “With updated pairings, AG breathes a freshness into iconic styles and elevates the vintage grunge aesthetic,” it said.

AG’s Fall 2022 campaign

Spring Ahead

AG has spring in its step. The brand held a Spring/Summer 2023 presentation during New York Fashion Week. In line with the ongoing Western trend, the collection takes denim heads from the city to the desert with Great Plains-inspired neutrals, warm desert landscape hues and washed-down blacks and grays. Hints of hand embroidering, quilting and artisan weaving underscore the collection’s American Southwest theme.

AG’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection

“There is a romantic beauty to living a life less encumbered and less congested, slower but more admirable and intelligible. This feels like a lost way of life to many. The collection is themed around simpler times, undertones of escapist culture emerge with elements of the great desertscapes of the American Southwest,” AG said. 

AG’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection

Spanning vegan leather bottoms, nylon anoraks, and 100 percent lyocell coordinates to flare and bootcut jeans, the collection merges modern chic with utilitarian workwear. 

Design elements speak to the rugged and casual nature of the Southwest with destructed denim, patched pockets, indigo blocking, lightweight chambray and ikat prints.