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AKings Bulks Up for Fall ’17 with Heavyweight Denim

In a sea of lightweight comfort, AKings is making an impression with a focus on heavyweight raw denim from Japan. The New York-based brand, designed by Adam King, presented its Fall ’17 line at Liberty Fair in New York City.

Sourcing from Japan allows King access to a wider range of heavy weight denim. The brand’s signature is a 15-ounce denim. “Our customers love how it ages. It takes about a year to fade,” King said.

Highlights in the fall collection include a black denim overcoat suitable for cold New York winters and a host of dark wash and black denim. The line also includes T-shirts and a denim tote. Approximately 50 percent of the collection is made with raw denim. Retail prices start at $189.99 for jeans.

AKings got its big break in 2015 when King posted a photograph of one of his jeans on Reddit, drawing in denim lovers from around the world. King’s interest in raw denim goes back years. He started the brand as a way to combine his love for denim and connect with those who have the same passion.

“Everyone has a story about the way their denim ages,” King said. “The way denim ages is [personal] and it’s great to hear the stories.”