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Alberto Candiani on Trends and Resolutions for 2016

Candiani Denim, the family-owned, Italian denim mill, was rewarded in 2015 for their craftsmanship, innovation and eye toward the fashion market.

This past November, the mill won the Global Denim Award for Best Collection, working in collaboration with designer Andrea Diletto of Sartoria Diletto. Candiani used vintage shuttle looms to make five bespoke fabrics for tailored formalwear modernized with laser treatments and heavy brushing. Alberto Candiani, global manager at Candiani Denim, updated Rivet on the mill’s newest developments and predictions for 2016.

Rivet: What was one of the highlights of 2015?
Candiani: The celebration of our most authentic ring character, originally designed by my father Gianluigi Candiani 25 years ago. We still use these yarns in several constructions and colors, including a brand new concept called Traction, which is the best comfort denim ever made, zero growth, zero shrinkage.

Rivet: What’s the company’s New Year’s resolution?
Candiani: A substantial growth based on our new products’ success.

Rivet: Were there any unexpected trends in business?
Candiani: Women wearing what men are wearing and vice versa.

Rivet: What is the company’s big story in terms of product for the coming year?
Candiani: The best bi-stretch ever made.

Rivet: What’s your prediction for next year’s buying atmosphere?
Candiani: It shall be better than this past year, but I do not see fireworks.