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All Blue Jeans and Rainbows at Nudie

Nothing gets between Nudie Jeans and their passion for well-constructed denim. The brand launched a new line of jeans called Grim Tim Dry Rainbow, with a limited run of 1,000 individually-numbered pairs.

Dry Rainbow is composed of organic, 14 ounce, ring-spun Japanese selvage denim. The fabric is woven on old shuttle looms with a crunch-weaving technique and slow dyed to achieve its dark shade. Each pair features a rainbow embroidery on the back pocket, with a matching selvage stripe on the inside seam. The jeans will come in a special, recycled fiber box, bound with a leather strap.

The first 200 units of Dry Rainbow will be sold exclusively at Manchester, England-based men’s retailer Oi Polloi for £185 ($285) from Feb. 26-March 5. After the first week, Dry Rainbow will become available at Nudie Jeans concept stores and online.