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It’s hard to imagine growing up with Adriano Goldschmied for a father and not living a life laced with denim—and though she hadn’t planned to, Marta Goldschmied has stayed true to her genes when it comes to jeans. But she’s paved her own way.

With her own brand of sexy denim-focused streetwear, Made Gold, the younger Goldschmied is establishing her own position among denim’s elite. Launched in 2014, Made Gold has reestablished some shoppers’ faith in denim’s range. From the favored lace-up Betty jean to indigo activewear, Goldschmied is endeavoring to do with denim what the masses haven’t done with it, and that’s give it a new edge.

Made Gold has a new shopping experience set to launch soon, but in the meantime, Carved in Blue caught up with Goldschmied to see how her denim has evolved from her pioneer father’s creations to her own to keep things all in the family, and to uncover what she sees as next for the sector.

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