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All in the Family with Olah

Since 1959, Olah Inc. has been firming up its footing as a leader in the denim space, and now the company hosts one of the sector’s foremost denim shows: Kingpins—which, according to Olah Inc., began as a “We love jeans” party in New York City.

Next up in our “All in the Family” summer series is Emily Olah, from Olah Inc. and daughter of Andrew Olah.

Olah Inc. started out as a Canadian textile agency helping factories get their denim wares to market, and evolved over the years to bring its own fabrics and jeans to market. And since that first “We love jeans” party in 2004, Kingpins has expanded to shows in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and cities in China.

With a mission to love what they do, Andrew Olah has carried the business on savvy and innovation, but never forgetting the fun, and his daughter has followed suit.

Here’s a look at how denim took shape in Emily’s world, and how even though blue ran through the family blood, being in the industry was never part of her plan.

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