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All in the Family with Tonello

When brands want to finish their denim, they often turn to Tonello for three things: quality, innovation and sustainability.

The Italian garment finishing tech company, our latest feature in our “All in the Family” summer series, has been in business for more than 35 years, not just because brands want machinery for washing and dyeing, but because brands want machinery for washing and dyeing created by people who bleed blue and constantly innovate in the denim space. In 1975, Osvaldo Tonello built the company’s first washing machine and Tonello’s history as a company unfolded from there.

For Tonello, success has been a lot about improving production processes, leaving a smaller environmental footprint and doing all things with passion.

Passion is something Alice Tonello, Osvaldo’s niece and daughter of Flavio Tonello, Managing Director and CEO of Tonello who now runs the business, believes in and wants for her own children, whether or not they join the family business.

Either way, the passion for denim is all in the family for Tonello, and here is what Alice, who works in marketing and R&D at the company, has to say about the sector.

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