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This Amsterdam-Based Company Offers Premium Denim Accessories for Dogs

Few things are as reliable as a favorite pair of jeans and the loyalty of dog. The Denim Dog, a line of premium leather and denim pet accessories, is a homage to both.

Launched earlier this year by Silvia Rancani, a former product developer for Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger and the founder of The Denim Window, the Amsterdam-based denim supply chain showroom, The Denim Dog is Rancani’s side gig born from the love of her own dogs, Tofu and Tattoo.

Though Rancani launched The Denim Window just over a year ago as a hub for designers and product developers to connect with like-minded people and companies, she herself was inspired.

Having been focused on getting The Denim Window off the ground, Rancani said she began to miss the creative side of the denim business. She was also interested in exploring new applications for denim—particularly something worthy for pooches with a denim lineage such as her own and her denim head friends and business acquaintances.

“I never found anything cool in denim for my dogs,” she said. “Everything in the market made with denim is so cheap and not something that a denim lover would buy.”

The Denim Dog collection offers raw denim and bull leather collars with a removable denim bowtie in eight sizes, meaning all breeds from Chihuahua to Rottweiler can be clad in indigo. The collection also includes pet accoutrements like harnesses, leashes, poop bags holders and a denim dog bed.

Products retail for 79-89 euros (approximately $87-97) depending on size. The line is available at The Denim Window, and at trade events like the upcoming Amsterdam Denim Days Festival at Oct. 25-26.

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The Denim Dog
The Denim Dog Courtesy

Denim heads, Rancani said, recognize the quality. Rancani says The Denim Dog collection, like a pair of raw selvedge jeans, is “well studied” in both the design and technical aspects.

And despite being for dogs, Rancani was adamant about not sacrificing premium quality, which proved to be challenging for products that would have to withstand the wear and tear of a rambunctious pup.

“We all know that denim fades and that raw is not a good option for dogs that will walk in the rain and roll in their denim bed, but I still want to use it raw,” she said.

Berto, the premium Italian denim mill and a vendor at The Denim Window, offered a solution with its Never Fade denim. The 10 oz. fabric is made with the same weaving of denim, but instead of using indigo, it uses a reactive dye in the same color of indigo.

“This make sure that the fabric has a very high result in color fastness wet and dry, perfect for a raw denim look that doesn’t fade or bleed,” Rancani said.

The leather used in the collection is sourced from “free range bulls” in the Tuscany region. Offered in black or cognac, which Rancani said gives the accessories “a very denim authentic look,” the leather is vegetable tanned, eliminating chemicals or chrome that could be absorbed by dogs’ skin.

Other premium details include the double stitches in a tobacco color that Rancani said enhances the collection’s authentic denim aesthetic, and its paper hangtags made from post-consumer jeans by Cadica Group, another vendor at The Denim Window.

“Every item comes with a numbered certification of quality that the product is produced in Tuscany, Italy, handmade from skilled leather artisans,” she said.

The Denim Dog is proving to be a good fit for dog-friendly Amsterdam. “Dutch people are very fanatic about animals in general,” Rancani said. “The Netherlands is the only European country with zero stray dogs.”

And the brand’s classic yet cool look suits practical yet fashionable style. “Denim is the right dress code—casual and laid back,” Rancani said of the Dutch and their four-legged friends.