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Archroma Receives Eco-Innovation Award from WWF Pakistan

Archroma, a world leader in color and chemicals, won the Award for Eco-innovation from WWF Pakistan at the group’s Annual Green Office Network Meeting in Karachi.

After the company celebrated three years in business and their emphasis on sustainability, the company now has an award to show for their efforts. Adding to Archroma’s list of accomplishments, earlier in 2016 WWF gave Green Office label rights to Archroma’s offices in Landhi, Pakistan.

The award, accepted by Naeem Mughal, Director General of Sindh Environmental Protection Agency for the Pakistani government, signifies Archroma’s efforts towards sustainability, specifically water conservation, and their attempts to develop eco-efficient methods that lesson energy, time and resource use.

The company is known for its EarthColors sulfur dyes developed from natural waste such as walnut, almond husks and agricultural crop waste. Meanwhile, its ‘Sustainable Effluent Treatment’ plant at Jamshoro, Pakistan, operates at zero liquid discharge in its production processes.

“We are continuously creating powerful new processes and products that support our and our customers’ sustainability ambitions. Our innovative teams are raising the bar on environmental standards and production cycles in our industries,” said Mujtaba Rahim, Archroma Pakistan CEO.