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Artistic Turns Old to New in Latest Sustainability Effort

Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries (AFGI), one of the wold’s leading suppliers of denim fabrics and garments, announced the addition of another cutting-edge sustainability effort.

The new program takes materials from discarded jeans and transforms them into new garments.

With the announcement came news of the company’s in-house shredding plant’s Global Recycle Standard certification. The company can now process post-consumer waste jeans into regenerated fibers. This allows AFGI to remake thrown-out jeans into new materials like yarn, fabrics and garments, under an internationally recognized standard and traceability system.

“We aim to give new meaning to the term ‘fully vertical’ and move the denim industry into a new era of sustainability,” said Hasan Javed, AFGI executive director. “We are making great progress with this latest initiative to address some of the problems of waste generated by the market.”

AFGI already boasts an impressive list of sustainability efforts, such as  the Higg Index, developed polyester made from collected post-consumer plastic bottles and lowered dyeing and washing impact, to name a few.

Through all of these endeavors, Artistic is poised to become a leading example of sustainability within the denim industry.