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Arvind Announces New Monforts Eco Applicator for Denim

Indian denim mill Arvind announced the newest addition to its manufacturing arsenal, the Monforts Eco Applicator to apply finishes on their denim.

A product of German engineering by Monforts, Arvind claims to be the first mill in India to use the Eco Applicator. The mill could establish its denim dominance in the region.

The Eco Applicator is a soft coating process that applies liquid coating to one or both sides of a textile and is designed to reduce energy used and materials expended by using a trough and roller technique rather than the typical wet-on-wet padder of traditional coating machinery, according to Innovation in Textiles.

Arvind hopes the new Eco Applicator will help increase the speed of production while reducing energy usage and allowing for greater flexibility in finishing styles.

Monfort’s southeast Asia sales director Hans Gerhard Wroblowski explains that the new Eco Applicator puts Arvind at least one year ahead of all other Indian mills, according to a release by Monforts.

“The Eco Line system reduces energy losses and energy use, increases thermal transfer and keeps the drying energy on the textile material longer, so that it can be used very efficiently,” C V Babu, general manager of sales at ATE, the Indian technologies company that installed the Eco applicator for Arvind said in a statement.

“As a result, energy savings of up to 50 percent can be achieved. Exhaust air energy can also be reduced to a minimum, which has a positive effect on the emission load into the atmosphere,” Babu said.

As one the largest denim producer in India and one of the premier denim mills in the world, Arvind hopes the new Eco Applicator will help them in attracting more customers and continue to fuel India’s growing denim industry.