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Asos to Share Key Sourcing Secrets

Asos is upping the ante on its supply chain transparency initiatives.

The U.K.-based e-tailer will publish a list of all approved and mapped factories by March 31, 2017. The goal, according to the company, is to help protect individuals impacted by Asos operations, including customers, local communities, employees and stock and non-stock supply chain workers.

In its Modern Slavery Statement for 2015/16, Asos also proposed new ethical sourcing commitments for 2017, including working to prevent modern slavery risks continuing to support labor rights for workers.

Asos’ supply chain is currently divided into two separate categories. The first covers Asos brand products and third-party brands’ products that are for re-sale on the website. Non-stock items and services, including customer care and logistics, make up the second area of Asos’ supply chain. Asos brand supplier factories are also broken down into five tiers, including main production sites (Tier 1), primary processes subcontractors (Tier 2), secondary process subcontractors (Tier 3), fabric and components (Tier 4) and raw materials (Tier 5).

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