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Baldwin Puts Down Roots in Metropolitan Areas

Kansas City-based denim brand Baldwin pays homage to its Midwestern roots in three new stores opening this fall.

Baldwin opened its first permanent New York City store earlier this month on Mott Street in SoHo. The New York City store will be followed by Dallas in September and Los Angeles in October. The company has two Missouri stores located in Kansas City and the Joplin suburb, Leawood.

Since establishing its core community in Kansas City in 2003, Baldwin Founder and Designer Matt Baldwin says the future of the brand is building community in new markets.

“The heartland of America has always been my incubation ground for the brand. Kansas City has allowed us to design, grow and expand the company and product offering,” Baldwin told Rivet. “The support of the KC community has allowed us to expand the company from a local business to a fully national brand with offices and shops now in New York and Los Angeles and Dallas.”

Inside Baldwin's New York store

Every detail in the new stores was curated and alludes to its founder’s Midwestern roots near the Flint Hills in Kansas.

Each store is based on a “Prairie in the City” concept inspired by the juxtaposition between city life and nature. Stalks of wheat frame the front window. Inside, men’s and women’s product is presented on natural wood fixtures and minimalistic flat lays.

The core interior design is the same across all three stores. Baldwin says the brand will rotate seasonal stories, which will be reflected in floor set design.