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Bangladesh Denim Expo Focuses on the Future

Bangladesh Denim Expo in Dhaka closed out its 5th edition on Nov. 9 with over 5,000 visitors in attendance.

The two-day trade show welcomed visitors from 46 countries with the concept “Natural Denim.” The theme shone a spotlight on environmentally-friendly materials and promoted a more responsible denim culture and market in Bangladesh.

During the show’s opening press conference, Sweden’s ambassador to Bangladesh Johan Frisell encouraged attendees to start establishing long-term plans. “Bangladesh is the second largest RMG exporter in the world and it is also an emerging player in the international market. It will soon be a middle-income country and market access will also be increased. So, entrepreneurs should prepare new plans for marketplace and market regime of its RMG sector.”

A series of panel discussions during the show also examined the need for continued improvements on factory safety, the call for bilateral negotiation with Europe, Canada and U.S. and the need for product to be socially and environmentally compliant.

“Denim will never go away. It is in fashion regardless of its shape, design and style,” said Mostafiz Uddin, Bangladesh Denim Expo founder and CEO. “The best way to stimulate denim business is to analyze and understand future trends. One of them is to add more ecological and sustainable thinking to the way we produce, and we can definitely plan and achieve sustainable solutions that benefit our business as well.”