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Jack & Jones Owner Adds Digital Showrooms to UK Hub

Bestseller U.K. has a showy new showroom in Shoreditch.

The Danish fashion conglomerate reopened its showroom in the trendy London neighborhood earlier this month after a renovation that modernized the space and more than doubled its size to 19,052 square feet.

The two-story space at 10 Fashion Street has housed Bestseller’s London offices for more than a decade and now boasts five new digital showrooms for the brands Jack & Jones, Vila, Vero Moda, Selected and Name It. The brands and their employees are now under one roof instead of two separate locations as was the case before the overhaul. The revamped showroom employs about 55 people.

“Following several years of growth, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to invest and expand our London showrooms. The time was right to provide an enhanced environment for our brands to showcase collections to our customers. We’re proud of our space and the colleagues who have brought us to this point. Together we’re looking ahead to deliver the next stage of growth for our company,” said Lee Davison, country manage for Bestseller U.K.

“We have enjoyed this project joining the two buildings back together and enhancing the architectural style. We used soft contrasts to the industrial style and created hybrid digital showrooms. We also introduced new customer flows allowing brand houses to show their full potential. This showroom will set our business up for years to come,” added Emily Potter, Bestseller U.K.’s brand communications manager.

Bestseller’s London showroom

The five new digital showrooms use state-of-the-art touchscreen technology that cuts back on the need for physical clothing samples, a more environmentally friendly action. Likewise, the site employs energy- and water-saving measures and reuses old materials such as the flooring.

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The group has been ramping up its sustainability efforts of late, including using greener denims and publishing a sustainability report called Fashion FWD.

“Moving into the new space isn’t only about having an amazing new physical environment. But the switch to using digital showrooms will enhance the way we can present and upsell our collections. Setting us apart from industry competitors,” said Joe McShane, Jack & Jones country manager.

The company hosted a grand opening party that drew more than 150 retailers and buyers from the U.K.

Bestseller has been in the U.K. market for 22 years and employs 200 people there across its retail stores and offices in London and Manchester.