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BF+DA Campaigns for Dirty Denim and Water Usage Awareness

Wednesday marks the last day of #10Wears1Wash, a water usage awareness campaign initiated by the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (BF+DA).

The BF+DA reported that Americans wash their jeans after an average of 2.3 wears. However, wearing jeans 10 times before washing can reduce water usage by 77 percent.

The organization cited Levi’s 2007 lifecycle assessment study, which defined water consumption as “net freshwater taken from the environment minus water returned to the same watershed at the same quality or better.” Levi’s found that the greatest water and energy impact was in two areas: cotton cultivation (68 percent) and consumer use (23 percent).

Companies are now trying to find ways to grow less water intensive cotton crops, to reuse water in the dye process and to engage consumers to wash less.

The BF+DA is celebrating the end of the campaign, which falls on the World Day to Combat Desertification, with the giveaway of a pair of Brooklyn Denim jeans. The recipient will be chosen from fans that posted photos of their jeans using the hashtag #10Wears1Wash.