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Blue Cast: Denham Founder Jason Denham on Collaborations and Cotton-Free Jeans

The denim world has changed significantly over the course of serial entrepreneur Jason Denham’s career. Jeans were more of a fashion item in the ‘90s, when the Denham founder was a college student, a young employee at Pepe Jeans and then the founder of a denim consultancy. He developed his first label, Blue Blood, in the early aughts, and by the 2010s, denim became a more premium product.

More recently the focus has been on sustainability, however creating green jeans isn’t enough. During the latest episode of Carved in Blue’s Blue Cast podcast, Jason explained that products must still be exciting. While shoppers expect sustainability to be at the core of a product, it’s not the actual selling point, he told Lenzing’s Tuncay Kilickan. Given the added costs around sustainability, more “magic design dust”—along with durability and premium construction—can help to justify jeans as an investment.

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